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faqspict3.pngFrequently Asked Questions

Q.Where do you get the eggs?

A.The eggs come from ranches all across the United States.  Ostrich can live in a variety of climates.  Their laying season varies by temperature.  In warmer climates they start laying earlier in the year.  

Q.What do I do when it's empty?

A.Ostrich egg candles are refillable.  Please visit the refill section of our website.  If you choose not to refill your candle, use it as a candle holder with votives or tealights.

Q.What happens to the baby ostrich?

A.There are never baby ostrich in these eggshells. We only use unfertilized eggs.

Q.Will you make custom designs?

A.Custom designs start at $300.  We will not do portraits of people or animals, or reproductions of  copyrighted material such as logos.  For custom work please email us from our contact page.

Q.Why is my candle smoking when I light it?

A.The wick is too long.  Allow the candle to cool and the wax to solidify, then trim the wick to no more than 1/8th of an inch.  Also do not burn your candle near a draft.  Wick trimmers are available on our accessories page.

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